Christine A Nelson(non-registered)
nee Morris
DON KRUEGER(non-registered)
Wanted to go up there this August. But with the virus and it being closed I will have to wait till next year. Definitely will be going!!!. Santana will be there next year along with some other great bands. I was 13 back in 69 so this is one of the things on my bucket list.
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Michael Bokser(non-registered)
We quit our jobs at the Laurels Hotel on Sackett lake road, and 4 of us drove over to Woodstock,We had tents and supplies, and had to abandon the Blue 69 charger on the road with everyone else. It was a great time, Glad I quit my job to go to woodstock
And it was great to come back again August 2019 and visit and see Santana and Ringo , Doobie Bros and Edgar winter , Carlos was as good as before! It was a Peaceful event,in 69, but truthfully it was very Muddy, and messy, but nevertheless it was Awesome! Peace out!
witzige weihnachtssprüche(non-registered)
witzige weihnachtssprüche
Michael Williams(non-registered)
Wish I could have been therein 1969. Got this on my bucket list. want to see and walk the site.
Ron Whtie(non-registered)
I hitchhiked from Bowie, Md Thursday August 14. There was no traffic except for the last few miles before the festival site. I stayed until late Monday morning. My campsite was located on what was called the Hog Farm with Wavy Gravy. The free food served at that location was excellent. Peace to you all.
James Emile Hay(non-registered)
Happy 50th To The Love & Peace Festival Historically Became Known As Woodstock Way Back In 1969. FAR OUT MAN! That Was Like So Long Ago. Peace & Love Everybody!
Candice Wells(non-registered)
We came today 8/14/2019. Thrilled to be able to return after 50 years. Standing in the same spot on the original festival field that I spent four days of my life in was incredible and brought back all kinds of memories that I had lost. I have previously sent my story in to the the museum archives, but as a seventeen year old girl , I had no idea what I was truly experiencing at the time. I know now. The 1969 concert can never be recreated. People today could not act the same, conditions could not be the same, the musical talent could not ever be matched. But even so, I hope the anniversary concert is as wonderful as possible. My deep thanks to all of the people responsible for preserving the iconic festival field.
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